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The Ultimate Studio Experience
in San Francisco

Our goal is to provide the ultimate shooting experience for you and your clients by providing luxury amenities, the highest level of service & preparation, and the little things like complimentary beverages, coffee and espresso. AND FREE PARKING FOR THE ENTIRE CREW!

But the best part of shooting at BLAST Digital+Studio is the many ways you can work within the space. There are numerous areas to relax so that your shooting area stays clear of unnecessary people and distractions. Watch how your shoot is progressing from our glass-railed mezzanine, or even shoot from up high. There are even multiple work areas so you can keep up with your email, make calls in private, or make last minute printouts.

From load-in to load-out, we can provide a smooth and enjoyable experience that only an individual studio can provide.

FloorPlan FloorPlan Click image for larger view.

Studio Floor Plans & Specifications

facilities &

Plenty of room and clearance
for your largest projects. With 3200 sq. ft. of ground floor space and a full size rollup door, you can load in even the largest sets quickly and easily.
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Get a clear birds-eye view of
the entire shooting area from our 800 square foot lounge mezzanine. A clear glass rail allows your view to be unobstructed even when sitting.
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Enjoy our gourmet kitchen with
gas stove and stainless steel appliances. Our automatic coffee and espresso machine will serve as much Blue Bottle coffee as you need to keep you going.
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Full height rollup door can accommodate full size box trucks
and simplify load-in for large shoots. We can handle lifts, large pre-made large sets/props, and even full size motorhomes!
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Stay awake and hydrated
with our fully automated latte and espresso machine that keeps you perky with Blue Bottle coffee, and our complimentary full stocked beverage refrigerator.
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